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About Us

United Forms Finishing Corporation was founded in 1980 to provide printing and lettershop services to the employee benefits industry. UFF became a leader in the benefit printing service community and then expanded to the financial and publishing industries.

UFF has experienced great success largely because of the corporate culture and supporting systems that assure accurate creation of mailing components, coordination of the mailing and 100% delivery of every mailing piece.

Clients can enlist us into their team and rest assured all aspects of their projects will be addressed resulting in a successful endeavor.

Our future plans include maintaining our excellent level of service, continually upgrading our technology to keep us the very best in our field.

United Forms Finishing is 100% Woman-owned, is certified both as a WOMEN BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (WBE) and as a Category II SMALL BUSINESS ENTERPRISE.

UFF Corp.
1413 Chestnut Ave.
Hillside, NJ 07205
PHONE: (908) 687-0494
FAX: (908) 687-9211

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